Wipi. Learn English words:

look, listen and memorize.

Simple, effective and exciting!

The new version of our free iPad and iPhone app aims at helping learn quickly lots of English words in an easy and efficient way.

Any person in spite of his age and experience can enrich his English vocabulary spending only a few minutes a day!

At the heart of the game is a simple and natural technique to memorize new words. In childhood we all use one method to learn the language: we point at an item, hear its name and remember it. Using this mode is the best way to learn a lot of words in a short period of time.


A native speaker pronounces words while you are looking at bright, high quality images. And you have to match the pairs. Don’t be surprised once the English name for an animal or item appears in your mind the moment you see it!

The process of studying the language is based on learning English topics step by step. Only having all three keys you can unlock the next topic.


The best way to make new vocabulary stick in your long-term memory is to frequently repeat new words. ‘Lexicon’ section helps you with it. This section contains all the words you have learnt from different topics. Here you can choose how many minutes you want to play and how many seconds you want one image to be displayed. Also, Lexicon shows you the results: the number of your correct and wrong answers. It gives you an extra motivation to learn new words.


Now there are more new topics available in the app. You can buy them one by one. And if you buy them all together as a pack you will get new topics in future for free!

Increase your active vocabulary with Wipi!

Traditionally there are two ways to learn a foreign language: studying the grammar and enriching the vocabulary. It’s a common case when a person knowing the grammar rules pretty well can’t speak fluently because of his poor vocabulary.

English vocabulary is divided into topics: animals, clothing, food, human body etc. There are 3 basic stages to memorize new words form each topic:
Learning, Test and Sprint.

At the 1st stage Learning you look at new words and memorize them.
You can use hints: look at the word translation; listen to the word pronunciation again. After completing this stage you get a key.


There are no hints at the 2nd stage Test. You have 5 sec to give a correct answer.
After completing this stage you get the 2nd key.


At the 3rd stage Sprint the words you have just learnt are mixed with the recently learnt ones. You also have 5 sec to give a correct answer. After completing this final stage you get the 3rd key!